A slick and smart travel planning app

Interminus running on an iPhone
Plan your travel

Interminus is the fastest way to plan your train journeys across India.

You can find trains between stations, search for a specific train, find the fare or the availability of a specific train on a specific day. Not only that, you can also move quickly through your history of lookups.

Try it, and we are sure you would never feel comfortable with any another interface

Manage PNR and Reservations

We understand how frequently you need to look up PNR status updates.

We save the searches so you don't have to remember the 10 digit PNR numbers. Select any of your past lookups and we fetch the latest update.

We've made managing your reservations a breeze. It just takes 5 seconds!

Design & Usability

Design is a feature and we spend a lot of time creating a great experience.

Interminus has been created from the ground up, keeping in mind the most important features that you need from the time that you decide to make a trip to the time that you finally reach your destination.

You can't help but fall in love.

Travel by train has never been easier.
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